Monday, July 07, 2008

Wow...It has been way to long since I posted on here...Today I start my scrapbook Challenge. I challenge myself to one page a week! (Just for you Kelly!) Because we had fun at the park yesterday, you might get more than one this week! But for today, here are the two loves of my life...A little background info: My wonderful husband Eric grew up on a farm. He has sacrificed his love for the farm to be in the city with me and Caitlyn. Yesterday we went to the petting farm. He was in love, and had a great time showing Caitlyn the proper way to hug and kiss a calf! (Hands were thoroughly washed after minimal mouthing...Have you ever tried to keep a Rett girl from not putting her hands in her mouth at all?)

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Brooklyn said...

BEAUTIFUL!! I am so exciting you are going to be doing more pages. I LOVE THEM!!!